Porta Brace CBA-XF305B Camera BodyArmor | Canon XF300 & 305 | Black 

Non-abrasive, durable material

-Odor-resistant material

-Custom-fit, full access to controls

-Built-in Rain Top

-Slight padding helps camera absorb shock from bumps

Camera Body Armor for Canon compact-HD cameras are snug-fitting full-time protective covers made of water-resistant, highly abrasive-resistant, soft-feel fabric. CBA's are designed to protect Canon compact-HD camcorders from bumps, hits and scratches. They also reduce the risk of camcorder damage due to precipitation, dust, and other harsh conditions. The interior side of the fabric has a mesh finish to improve air flow around the camera. Each CBA has a quick-access Rain/Dust cover that fits into a convenient slip pocket. It has a webbing tab that fastens to the slot on the lens cap. The camera body armor is loaded onto the camera using touch fasteners and web cinches.

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Porta Brace CBA-XF305B Camera BodyArmor | Canon XF300 & 305 | Black

380,00 € + 19% MwSt.

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