OConnor O-Focus DM Photo Lens Pro Kit

O-Focus Main Bridge with Hard Stop Handwheel (C1242-1100) + 15mm LWS Bridge (C1241-1540) + Drivers (C1241-1600), (C1241-1700), (C1241-1800), (C1241-1900), (C1242-1001) + Conical Marking discs (C1242-1530) + Case (C1241-1850)

Designed to meet the exacting needs of professional camera operators and assistants, the OConnor O-Focus Dual Mini is a compact, double-sided direct drive follow focus unit optimized for both still and cine-style camera lenses.

The precision gear drive of the main bridge is designed with a gear ratio of 1:0.75 so that 360 degrees of input (rotation of the handwheel) results in 270 degrees of output (rotation of the drive gear). Two versions of the O-Focus DM, the Photo Set and the Cine Set, utilize different handwheels to apply a unique transmission output in order to optimize rotation for the relevant lens type.

O-Focus DM Photo Set
The Photo Set utilizes a new Hard Stop Handwheel, which has a transmission ratio of 1:1 (input:output). When coupled with the O-Focus Bridge, it yields a follow focus industry first; a 1:0.75 transmission ratio. This translates to longer, more exacting focus pulls when using limited barrel rotation still lenses for digital cinematography, and allows more precise lens control than has previously been available for these camera configurations. A small ratio change can make a big ‘feel’ difference!

The hard stops enable the operator to set minimum and maximum focus points for lenses with unlimited rotation and to carry out hard focus stop pulls. To allow the focus-puller to react to unexpected movements, the unique single-hand-operated hard stop on/off switch, allows for instantaneous disengagement of the end stops for critical adjustments even during the shot.

Main Features
The modular design of the O-Focus DM enables operators who want to transition between Photo and Cine lenses to optimize the transmission ratio to suit simply by swapping out the handwheel(s) – no tools required.

Both versions of the O-Focus DM feature extremely low profiles, which allow use with large diameter lenses. The sliding dovetail design provides adjustment for various lens sizes, even those with very large lens barrel diameters. Additionally, tapered flank couplings (pioneered with the OConnor CFF-1) eliminate play between the handwheel and bridge connection.

The O-Focus DM integrates seamlessly with existing follow focus accessories including whips, cranks and gears. It also shares many of the OConnor CFF-1 accessories, such as the Studio Handwheel and Marking Discs, Handwheel Extension and Studio 15/19mm Bridge. The new Toothless Friction Driver, for the use of still lenses, eliminates much of the need for additional toothed gear rings

  • Extremely low profile double sided bridge design
  • Direct drive gear box with no swing arm
  • Adjustable via sliding dovetail to various lens diameters
  • Compatible with large lens barrel diameters
  • Photo set yields industry first 1:0.75 gear ratio for photo lenses
  • Modular design enables gear ratio to be optimized through swap out handwheels

How it Compares with the CFF-1:
The O-Focus DM Photo Set shares a number of features with the CFF-1, but is a smaller unit optimized for still photo lenses. The gear ratio is 1:0.75, versus 1:1.84 for the CFF-1.

Shared Features with the CFF-1:

  • Extremely low profile double sided bridge design
  • Low profile bridge
  • Interchangeable studio / LWS bridge
  • Interchangeable knobs, knob extensions and gears
  • Interchangeable marking discs
  • Offset handwheel
  • Standard whip / crank coupling

Differentiating Features from the CFF-1:

  • Gear ratio / Lens optimization
  • Direct drive vs. swing arm
  • Physical size

Technische Daten:

Weight of unit (incl. LWS rod bridge, handwheel) 1.23 lbs (0.56 kg)

Weight of bridges (excl. handwheel) 0.73 lbs (0.33 kg)

Dimensions (excl. handwheel) 7.2 x 2.2 x 1.5 in. (182 x 57 x 37mm)

Dimensions of hard-stop handwheel Ø3.2 x 3.7 in. (Ø82 x 94 mm)

Max. lens diameter (with LW rods) Ø116 mm

Gear ratio 19:25 (0:.75)

Positioning of driver gearMain bridge interlock (back / front)

Module coupling system Backlash-free

Drive gear coupling Standard serrated star

Rod system compatibility15 mm LWS, studio 15 mm/19 mm

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OConnor O-Focus DM Photo Lens Pro Kit

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