IDX  P-V257 

V-Mount Plate with 2 x 2-pin D-Tap Outputs [1 x 12~16V DC, 1 x Regulated Switchable 5V / 7.3V DC]

P-V257 converts 12V to 5V/7.3V and uses ENDURA batteries.  Choose between the two voltages with a convenient power output switch located on the side below the D-Tap connector used for 5V/7.3V regulated power. Ancillary gear, such as lights, can be powered  via the second unregulated 2-Pin D-Tap on the opposite side of the plate. its unregulated battery throughput voltage output can be as high as 16.8V with IDX Li-Ion batteries.

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IDX P-V257

195,00 € + 19% MwSt.

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