Glidecam HD Daylight Monitor HD-7 MONITOR

The GLIDECAM HD7 is a 7" Daylight viewable Digital Multi-Format HD Monitor with high core technology to display various kind of digital video input signals. It supports HD/SD-SDI, Composite/YC/YPbPr/RGB/DVI/PC-RGB


  • Diagonal Line Compensation by MADI (Motion Adaptive De-interlace) and LADI (Low Angle Diagonal Interpolation)
  • High Speed Response
  • Available Color Calibration
  • HD 2K Format/ Multi format HD/SD-SDI Input
  • 1ch HD/SD-SDI Inputs & 1ch Active Thru-out
  • Analog Component & DVI Input
  • Pixel to Pixel Display
  • De-embedded 8 ~ 16ch Audio Level Meter
  • Various Markers Display (EBU, Variable)
  • PAP, H/V Delay, Blue/Mono etc Precision Monitoring
  • Closed Caption (608 ANC, 608 Line21, 608 Transcoded, 708) Display
  • Input Mode & Status Display
  • Anamorphic Mode Display
  • Time Code Display
  • Waveform Monitoring Display (Y, Pb, Pr Selected)
  • Vector Scope Display
  • Remote GPI Control (RJ-45)
  • Serial Control Port (Update & Control), (RJ-11)
  • Built-In Speaker & Ear Phone Jack (Option)
  • Analog Audio Input / De-embedded Output (Option)
  • Built-In Audio Ear-Phone Jack (Option)
  • TALLY Lamp
  • Easy Control OSD MENU
  • Source ID Name Display
  • Lock Type Picture Adjustment (Bright, Contrast, Phase, Chroma, Sharpness)
  • Rack & VESA Mount (Rack Mount Option)
  • Battery Pack V- Mount.Optional Anton Bauer Battery adapter
  • 350 cd/m² Power up brightness for daylight to 700 NIT
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs = 1.3kg

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