Cartoni Tripod  EFP Carbonfibre 2 stage    

Stable and sturdy, though lightweight, the CARTONI EFP series Tripods have a 100 mm bowl base connected to three legs with a performing system of elastic washers and self adjusting steel connection which guarantees virtually no torque effect even with heavy duty drag fluids. 
Height adjustment is performed by a fast clamp, and includes a safety lock to prevent accidental falls. The bottom foot includes a threaded spike receiving the adjustable rubber foot and interfaces with Dollies and ground Spreaders. 

This carbon fiber 2 stages Tripod with 100 mm bowl base is compatible with following CARTONI Fluid Heads: Delta, Delta Rosso, Delta 90°, Gamma, Gamma 90° Laser, Focus HD, C20S, Smarthead, e-Sensor, e-Focus, e-Cube. 

This Tripod can support also CARTONI Jibo. 

When assembled with mid-level spreader, requires pivoting tripod feet.             

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Cartoni Tripod EFP Carbonfibre 2 stage

1.200,00 € + 19% MwSt.

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