Cartoni SMARTHEAD Fluid Head + 1 telescopic handle + 1 short handle + counterweights for telescopic handle


As the junior member of the CARTONI “L” shaped heads, Smarthead offers an outstanding new tool to videographers. 
Smarthead is a highly professional Nodal Head, including precision cranks to perfectly balance the camera weight. 

It features 3 drag settings in both pan and tilt mode as well as the zero drag for freewheeling, a quick release sliding Camera plate for perfect centering of the camera, positive locks and 2 level bubbles for upright and underslung use.
Smarthead comes equipped with an extendable main pan bar, a short front pan bar, counterweights for balance on the main pan bar. Counterweights for Nodal Setting available as an option. 

The Smarthead can be used on a Tripod as any Fluid Head, but also underslung, hanging from a Jib arm or a crane for table-top shooting.

Technical Data:

Maximum Payload Capacity 12 kg  26 lbs

Minimum Payload Capacity 0 kg

Weight 6,0 kg  13,2 lbs

Pan Range 360°

Tilt Range 360°

Counterbalance 0

Fluid Drag 3 steps + 0

Bowl Diameter 100 mm

Temperature Range -40°/+60°

Type Nodal

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