Cartoni OMEGA Fluid Head  + 2 telescopic handles

Designed to support the latest Studio and OB cameras, the Omega is an extremely compact Fluid Head incorporating a highly precise patented counterbalance system as well as an advanced fluid damping module in both pan and tilt modes.

The Omega counterbalance mechanism is ideal for camera configurations with a high center of gravity up to 80 kg (176 lbs) giving a perfect response throughout the tilt range. All settings are connected with a digital read out. The camera is fixed on a V-shaped wedge plate according to international standards and the precise centering of the c/g is achieved by a fine tuning crank placed underneath the rear section of the sliding plate.

The Omega interfaces directly with any flat Mitchell base or 150mm bowl base and can be mounted on top of all existing pedestals featuring the 4-hole bores.

The Fluid Head weighs only 15 kg (33 lbs) and comes equipped with an integrated soft grip carrying handle, two telescopic pan bars, and illuminated spirit level.    

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