Cartoni LASER Fluid Head + 1 telescopic handle


Built of magnesium and aluminum alloy, the Laser is a very compact and lightweight Fluid Head designed for portable Digital Cameras weighing up to 12 Kg. (25 lbs).

Featuring an infinitely variable counterbalance, the Laser provides for excellent performances at any tilt position from +90 to –90 degrees. The continuously variable fluid control system ensures consistent drag levels and smooth camera movements on both pan and tit modes.

The Laser comes equipped with a 100 mm bowl base, telescopic pan bar and illuminated spirit level. A wide range of ENG Tripods are available both in aluminum or carbon fiber version with either single or double stage extension.

Technical Data:

Minimum Payload Capacity 5 kg 11 lbs

Maximum Payload Capacity 12 kg  26 lbs

Weight 3,0 kg 6,6 lbs

Pan Range 360°

Tilt Range +/-90°

Counterbalance Continous

Fluid Drag Continous

Bowl Diameter 100 mm

Temperature Range -40°/+60°


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