Cartoni LAMBDA TWIN 3D  Fluid Head  + 1 telescopic handle + counterweights

CARTONI designed the first Nodal pan & tilt Professional Support for 3D Rigs in the world.
CARTONI applied decades of experience gained in designing and manufacturing Professional Camera Supports by expanding the bestselling Lambda “Nodal Swing Head” concept to 3D Rig requirements designed for stereoscopic parallel & beam splitter shooting styles with full-sized HD cameras like Alexa, Genesis, Red One, Epic, F35, just to name a few.

Providing operational flexibility the Lambda Twin 3D can be fitted to a range of supports, including heavy-duty tripods, dollies, cranes and camera cars.

The Lambda Twin 3D can be inverted in under-slung position for low line positioning and allow 3D Rigs to be positioned all the way to the ground.

Its unique nodal capability allows the coincidence of the optical plan with the rotation center and the CG.
The Lambda Twin 3D employs a patented CARTONI fluid drag control system, micrometric sliding vertical plates, positive locks on all movements.

Several rosettes and 3/8” threads are easily accessible in multiple different locations on the head for pan bar, counterweights and accessories attachment. The Lambda Twin 3D features a swinging camera platform in "U" shape, equipped with a sliding base.

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Cartoni LAMDA TWIN 3D Fluid Head + 1 telescopic handle + counterweights

16.100,00 € + 19% MwSt.

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