Cartoni FOCUS 8   2 stage System (K538/2)

Fluid Head H538 + 1 handle + 3 tube 2 stage aluminum DV tripod T621/2 + mid level spreader S731/SQR + rubber feet A857  + soft bag C928/2

The FOCUS 8 Fluid Head is the ideal support for the latest ultra-lightweight cameras weighing from 0 to 8Kg (17,7 lbs). Extremely compact, the 8 features a continuously variable fluid damping system on both pan and tilt movements and a unprecedented patented variable counterbalance which brings its range of use to cover all existing cameras.

The FOCUS 8 Fluid Head comes equipped with a sliding camera plate compatible with Sachtler ACE and Manfrotto standard plates, spirit level and orientable pan bar. Its tilt angle is +/- 90° with perfect response throughout the entire tilt range.

FOCUS 8 interfaces with all 75mm bowl base tripods and supports. The extreme ruggedness and versatility together with the superior quality/price ratio makes the FOCUS 8 the best possible support for its range.

Minimum Payload Capacity 0 kg

Maximum Payload Capacity 8 kg 18 lbs

Weight 1,8 kg  4,0 lbs

Bowl Diameter 75 mm

Fluid Drag Continuous

Counterbalance Continuous

Pan Range 360°

Tilt Range +/-90°

Temperature Range -40°/+60°

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Cartoni FOCUS 8 2 stage System (K538/2)

785,00 € + 19% MwSt.

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