Cartoni AIRFLOATER Head for special effects + hand pump + flat base attachment  with nut    

The Patented Airfloater manufactured in Italy under licence by CARTONI is designed to avoid straining the camerman’s back and shoulders simulating active shoulder-shots, realistic points of view and total freedom of movement. 

Even with the heaviest camera configuration the Airfloater is incredibly easy to handle and operate!
You can pan a full 360° and tilt 18° in any direction the red knobs are used to lock the the tilt. 
The Airfloater is equipped with a variety of base attachments: Chapman/Whitworth bolt, 4 bore Vinten holes, 300 mm Mitchell with castle nut. 

The platform of the Airfloater is a quick-release European base plate. 

The Airfloater has nearly the same dimensions as a conventional Fluid Head.


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Cartoni AIRFLOATER Head for special effects + hand pump + flat base attachment with nut

5.600,00 € + 19% MwSt.

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